The Wings of Liberation / Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels Dakota Jinx

Still there is a bad sequence of events following the Dakota's of the WOL Museum
First at all the 'Darlin' Dorien' blew an engine, and was crippled in display forever.
Secondly, the C-47 bought from Disneyland Paris, was 'bought', sold and blown up.
Third: the former Arlon ex-Victory Museum C-47 plane slammed into a viaduct...

Is this continuous bad management, is this a case of being 'jinxed', or is this just a freak coincidence, and a bunch of fuck-ups throughout the years ?
Using terms like 'remembrance', 'commemoration', 'in honor of', and other superlatives... it is still hard to be taken seriously if you keep fucking up.