Hoc Point's Cliffs - Utah Beach and the Iles de Saint-Marcouf in the back (Ile de Terre on the left, Ile de Large on the right)

We visited Utah Beach shortly after the storm that exposed some of the previously covered 'remains of the past'

Wild life in the Merderet Marshes: White Herron, Bird of Prey and the illusive Nutria (Beaver-Rat)

Various signs in the La Fiere area, dedicated to men of the US Airborne Divisions

Next to the many birds we saw several seals in the Carentan Canal

Commemorative service for the Gourbesville 3: Gordon K. Smith (HQ/507), Maurice Gidon (Mayor Gourbesville) and R.B. Lewellen (I/508), with the Lewellen Family present.




Special thanks to the 'Association U.S. Normandie, Mémoire et Gratitude': Daniel Briard, Emile Lapierre and Father Emmanuel Serveau.

Legacy - Normandy


We were honored to meet WWII veteran, 35th Infantry Division Engineer, 1st Lt. Clarence J. Regas and his family.


Private collection of original 'La Fiere Area' Battlefield Relics. Some items were found as late as 2009!


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