Easy Company - 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment:

Years ago, we were sent pictures from the personal scrapbook of Captain Clyde R. Russel, the WWII Comanding Officer of E/505.
Within the scrapbook were over a dozen profile pictures of qualified paratroopers without any name or ID. We setup a basic page,
as we've doon so many times before, and were hoping to get in touch with anybody who could tell us more about these pictures.

It took a little time, but in teh beginning of February, 2018, a first positive ID/Unit was made: Wesley A. Forsythe of E/505.
We hope to be able to publish more results in the future for each man of E/505 deserves to be recognized for his service.
Scroll down for the complete roster of E/505, a 1946 2/506 picture and the section with Unidentified Profile Pictures.

Individual Men of E/505:

C.O. - Captain Clyde R. Russel

Staff Sergeant Otis L. Sampson

Private Wesley A. Forsythe

E/505 Roster

E/505 Men - Profile Pics Unidentified

E/505 Men - Locations Unidentified

Paratrooper Research Team - Easy Company 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Special thanks to Christopher Russel and Linda Forsythe Gobble