First Load - First Stick

First Load - Second Stick

First Load - HALO Jumpers

An incredible sight: B-52H Stratofortress Bomber of the 96th Bomb Squadron (Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana) fly-by, during the commemorations at Graignes.

Various other planes in the break between the jumps at Graignes: Piper Cub, AVRO Lancaster and a formation of four C-130's.

Rick Arnold - Jon Ring & Frank Spiering. After the Graignes ceremony, at the church, LJT ground team prepared for the second load of jumpers coming in.

W7 over the DZ again with the second load of LJT jumpers over Graignes. Yellow WDI's (Wind Direction Indicators) have just been released.

First and second jumper out the door...

Third and fourth....

Paratrooper Research Team - Graignes Jump - D-Day 2014