UPDATE: February 20th 2012

'I am proud to announce that we have received confirmation that Earl is the newest member of the 507th PIR
to be awarded the Silver Star Medal. Of course Earl is extremely excited and would like to thank all of you
who helped make this a reality. Whether it was providing research material for evidence, writing letters, or
just listening to the story (of how this award, started by Lt. Broadway in June 1944, was lost to the fog of
war, and was never acted upon). Either way, all of you that are reading this helped correcting a 67 year old
injustice and helped make an old trooper very happy. This was important to help him honor his comrades and
the 507th PIR. A ceremony will be held on February 24 2012 presided by Congressional Representatives and
military personnel, where Earl will be presented the Silver Star Medal. Thank you all for your time & efforts,
Jason (Earls Grandson).

Paratrooper Research Team - Earl J. Geoffrion - 507th PIR Rigger